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We only use the freshest and tastiest ingredients from local Cornish suppliers in our pasties.

Vegetable Pasty -
As soon as you entered the bakery, the waft of freshly baked bread, cakes & pasties hit you. The staff were extremely pleasant and very helpful, and the food was great value for money.
Steak Pasty -

Pasty perfection, our little secret

To reach pasty perfection you need Cornish know-how and a little known secret. We’re no good at keeping secrets though so we’ll let in in on one of our own. Don’t tell anyone!

The secret to making a tasty, melt in the mouth pastry covered Cornish pasty is… drum roll… fresh Cornish ingredients.

Okay, that’s not such a big secret but we believe our clean Atlantic air, clear blue skies and golden Cornish sunshine all improve the taste of the ingredients we use in our pasties. From freshly-picked vegetables to local creamy cheddar and free range grass fed cattle, we always use the best local suppliers to guarantee our pasties taste fantastic. 

If you crave a pasty that reminds you of summer holidays, childhood memories and days on the beach, use Cornish ingredients.

Our local suppliers

South Coast Bakery Cornish Potatoes


Tom Mitchell (Potatoes)
Cornwall Farm Produce

South Coast Bakery Cornish Cattle


O’Keeffe’s Family Butchers
Tywardreath Butchers
Brian Etherington

South Coast Bakery Flour


FP Matthews