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South Coast Bakery Oven Pasties


If you cannot find the answers you’re looking for, contact us by email or phone us on 01503 262066.

Sorry, we do NOT deliver abroad. We only deliver pasties within the United Kingdom.

Sorry, there are some parts of the UK that we cannot deliver to because of the distances involved. These include:

Channel Islands
Northern Ireland
Isles of Scilly
Scottish Islands

Also, we cannot deliver to the following postcodes in Scotland, due to the distance from Cornwall:


Large pasties = 475 grams prebaked / 450 grams baked.

Regular pasties = 375 grams prebaked / 350 grams baked.

Small pasties = 275 grams prebaked / 250 grams baked.

Cocktail pasties = 175 grams prebaked / 150 grams baked.

Girl in a jacket

Yes, your pasties can be frozen. Just pop them in a freezer when they arrive.

If you freeze your pasties, always defrost them in a refrigerator overnight before consuming or reheating.

If you are NOT going to freeze your pasties, please store them in a refrigerator below 5°C and consume within 3 days.

If you freeze your pasties, always defrost them in a refrigerator overnight before consuming or reheating.

When reheating, place on a baking tray and pop in a pre-heated oven, gas mark 4, 160°C for approximately 20 minutes. Ensure they are piping hot if reheating.

Large pasties = 10

Medium pasties = 10

Small pasties = 10

Cocktail pasties = 20

All our pasty flavours have different markings on so you can easily tell them apart.

We also provide a Pasty Order Card with your Mixed Box pasty order which clearly shows which pasty is which. 

Yes, they are.

Contrary to popular belief, our Cocktail Pasties are not all that small! In fact, they’re a good size for anyone with a smaller appetite and also make fun and tasty party food. 

We only sell Steak Cocktail Pasties on the website, but if you would like a mixture of flavours, just call us on 01503 262066 and we’ll be happy to help.

Yes, we do.

If you’re planning an event (party or wedding etc) and need over 50 medium or large pasties or over 100 cocktail pasties, or a mixture of all three, please give us a minimum of 48 hrs notice and call 01503 262066 to arrange your order.

Our website accepts payments via:

  1. PayPal (you do not need an account to use PayPal)
  2. Credit card
  3. Debit card

All payments are secure and handled by our payment providers, PayPal and Stripe. If you would like to speak to us about a payment, call me, Kevin, on 01503 262066.

We want you to be thrilled with our Cornish pasties but we do appreciate that events beyond our control can occasionally dampen enthusiasm.

So, as we’re very customer-focused, we do offer refunds in exceptional circumstances. If you’re unhappy with your pasties, please contact us first by email or phone to see if we can make things better.

Please note that refund requests through no fault of our own will have to pay the admin charge that we are charged by our payment gateway providers. In these situations, you will not receive the full amount that you initially paid for your pasties. Also, depending on the situation, we may not be able to refund the amount paid for delivery. 

As we said earlier, please contact us first to see if we can resolve things to your satisfaction.

  • Ordered Monday – Made Tuesday – Delivered Wednesday
  • Ordered Tuesday – Made Wednesday -Delivered on Thursday
  • Ordered Wednesday – Made Thursday – Delivered on Friday
  • Ordered Thursday – Made Monday – Delivered on Tuesday
  • Ordered Friday – Made Monday – Delivered on Tuesday
  • Ordered Saturday – Made Monday – Delivered on Tuesday
  • Ordered Sunday – Made Monday – Delivered on Tuesday

Depending on what service you select when ordering, our couriers aim to deliver your pasties by

  • Express: 12 noon
  • Standard: End of day

You can order up to five boxes going to one address for the one-off price of either:
£12.95 (Express: 12 noon)
£9.95 (Standard: End of day)

If you want to send boxes of pasties to different addresses, please order for each address individually. You can send up to 5 boxes to each address.

Standard shipping for up to five boxes of pasties to the same address is included -Yippee!

Express shipping for up to five boxes of pasties to the same address, which aims to arrive before 12 noon, is only £3.00 extra!

Six boxes or more
Please phone us on 01503 262066

We use DPD couriers for our overnight delivery service.

Our steak pasties are the most popular pasties we bake both online and in our bakery in Polperro. We use local and fresh ingredients including; potato, swede, onion, diced skirt (beef), salt, white pepper and black pepper.

Yes, we do.

Our Vegetable and Cheese & Onion Pasties are Vegetarian-Friendly.

If you order as part of a Mixed Box, each pasty is individually wrapped and sealed for safety and freshness.

Yes, we do.

Our Vegetable Pasties are Vegan-Friendly.

If you order as part of a Mixed Box, each pasty is individually wrapped and sealed for safety and freshness.

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