Cornish Pasties

Cornish pastyHere at we make a selection of wholesome and delicious tasting Cornish Pasties.

All our pasties can be delivered to your door ready for you to enjoy the genuine taste of Cornwall in the comfort of your own home.


We make and supply the following pasties:

  • Traditional Steak Cornish Pasty
  • Cheese and Onion Pasty
  • Cheese and Bacon Pasty
  • Minted Lamb Pasty

All pasties come in a variety of sizes including Large, Medium and Cocktail. Our Cocktail pasties are superb for parties and special events.

Handmade in Looe

We make all our Cornish pasties by hand in our own bakery here in Cornwall.

Our pasties are not made by machines on a production line in a huge factory. Every pasty is home made, crimped and baked in our ovens at the back of our bakery in Looe. They’re fresh, genuine and truly Cornish.

Only the finest ingredients

Here at we firmly believe in supporting local growers and farmers in Cornwall. Not only does this mean less food miles but it also means fresh, great tasting ingredients go straight into your pasty without loosing any of their flavour and goodness.

Vegetables are sourced from local suppliers (season permitting) and our meat comes from our local butcher in Bodmin.

Cornish Pasties – good food – anytime

The traditional Cornish Pasty is a wholesome and delicious meal. Melt in your mouth pastry, succulent beef and fresh vegetables are all part of the memories of Cornwall. Try one of our pasties and you’ll see what we mean.

To order your Cornish Pasties, call us on 01503 262066