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The Cornish pasty has become an internationally recognised food favourite and we're proud to be part of its enduring and never-ending story.

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Amazing Pasties
As we stayed in Polperro we went here many times for the bread and pasties. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The pasties are awesome and cake selection are good. The selection of pasties is great hot and cold and very big. As are the sausage rolls and cakes all large, so if you want a real Cornish pasty I would strongly recommend here.
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South Coast Bakery Cornish Miners

A 'micro' history of the Cornish Pasty

According to the Cornish Pasty Association, first references to the pasty appeared in cookbooks in the 14th Century and during the reign of King Edward III. 

The pasty became commonplace in the 16th and 17th centuries and by the 18th century it was a staple food for many working class families across Cornwall, especially those working in the tin mining industry.

The origin of the crimped Cornish ‘D’ shape pasty we enjoy today is thought to have been influenced by these miners and their working conditions. People say that the crimped crust was held in grubby hands and discarded in the mine, but others disagree saying every last piece would have been devoured by the hungry men. What do you think?

Whatever you believe, the humble pasty has come along way since 1393 and its unique heritage has afforded it EU, PGI protected regional food status and is recognised the world over for its unique character and qualities. 

We love the Cornish pasty and we’re proud to be part of its long heritage.

Holidays and memories

To us, a genuine Cornish pasty embodies everything we know and love about Cornish summer holidays, childhood memories on golden sandy beaches, hidden coves, rock pooling, tiny fishing harbours and moorland walks. We believe gazillions of emotions and memories are wrapped up in every pasty and when you taste your favourite you’ll never forget that moment.

We remember making and eating our first pasties in our grandmother’s kitchen whilst you might remember a summer picnic on the South West Coast Path or sitting on a harbour wall in a tiny Cornish fishing village.

Each memory is individual and unique and all can be triggered by the sights and smells of fresh warm pasties baking in the oven. Nothing beats a genuine Cornish pasty for rekindling memories and emotions.

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It's a fun filled pasty future

As you’ve no doubt guessed, we’re rather passionate about Cornish pasties!

The one thing we’ve learnt from our small shops and bakeries though, is that people change. Tastes change, flavours go in and out of fashion and opinions seem to come and go on the Atlantic breeze.

Apart from the eternal Traditional Cornish Pasty, which never seems to change, we always enjoy hearing new ideas and suggestions from you, our customers. Your feedback keeps us fresh, on our toes and in touch. 

So, with this in mind we welcome feedback from you, our lovely customers. New flavours, different ingredients, special one-off surprises, all are welcome. If you’d like to see something new or special from South Coast Bakery, please get in touch.

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